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The Dermatology Clinic offers medical aesthetic services carried out under the supervision of our dermatologists. Our treatments are specifically designed based on your skin type and treatment goals.

Deka Dot Fractional/CO2 Laser:

Resurfaces the skin to even out skin tone, while creating columns into the skin to
build collagen.

$1200* per treatment

Resurfacing Peel:

Ablates the top layer of skin to give a fresh look with new skin.



Treats red and browns. Uses light and heat to pull colors to surface of the skin. Helps to build collagen with regular treatments. Excellent for Rosacea.

Face - $150* per treatment
Arms - $275 each
Chest - $150* per treatment (neck not included)

Laser Genesis

Uses heat to rid skin of cells that are no longer viable. Builds collagen over the course of 6 treatments. No pain, and no downtime with this procedure.

$75* per treatment

Facial/Spider Veins:

Laser is used to close capillaries that are close to the surface of the skin. May take a minimum of 3 treatments for best results.

$125* per treatment area (30 minute)

Laser Hair Removal (See for info)

Please call to schedule a complimentary consultation.

* We try to keep our website pricing as accurate as possible however, these prices are subject to change at any time and without prior notice. Please call and confirm pricing.

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